Our Work

Manav Sewa Manavadhikar is committed to catalyzing social and economic change in India and building a bridge in India through high-impact interventions in education, livelihoods, public health, entrepreneurship development program and leadership development. Working closely with local communities, AIF partners with NGOs to develop and test innovative solutions and with governments to create and scale sustainable impact.

Helping Children Shape Their Own Future

Manav Sewa Manavadhikar’s education programs ensure that children in neglected regions and underresourced schools have access to high-quality educational opportunities and gain critical life skills alongside 21st century knowledge to prepare them for success in today’s globalized world.


Creating Opportunities For All

Manav Sewa Manavadhikar works closely with the public and private sector to create inclusive and sustainable livelihoods for individuals, families, and communities across India with a long-term goal of equalizing the informal and formal sectors to provide equitable opportunities for all citizens.


Every Action Matters. Every Effort Counts

There are many ways you can help. From supporting a cause through your donations to actively working on Manav Sewa Manavadhikar’s initiatives through a fellowship program – you can make a positive impact on the lives of millions of people.